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Pittsburgh Boudoir Loft offers a luxurious boudoir photography experience for every body type, shape, size and age. I believe that no matter what chapter of life your body is in, it should be celebrated and embraced. Experience a day of empowerment and connecting with your sensual self for timeless photos with Pittsburgh Boudoir Loft!

The Experience

Getting Started

What To Expect Before Your Session: 


Once you contact me below, you will receive a detailed email about the experience with a link to book your session. Once booked, you will recieve my prep and lingerie guide. If you have questions or would like to set up a phone consult, feel free to reach out!


Your Session: Sessions are offered on weekdays at my studio, East End Loft. The photography session fee is $450, which includes:

  • Professional hair and makeup by a fabulous female licensed stylist

  • Up to a 90 minute session

  • Professional editing

  • Private studio

  • Prep & Lingerie Guide

  • Three outfit changes

  • Professional posed coaching

  • Image reveal & ordering appointment

In addition to the session fee, the minimum product purchase order is $800 plus tax. Packages and digitals range from $800 to $3,200.

Your Session

What to Expect on the Day of Your Session: 


Expect a day of luxury completely dedicated to you! This experience is yours to design. Once you arrive, we will review your model release form and review any questions that you may have. We will also review your goals and vision for the photo session. You should expect dedicating 3-7 hours of your time during your session depending on if your image reveal is the same day or you request a virtual image reveal. 


What to bring: I typically recommend bringing three-four lingerie ensembles along with a button down, open top or jersey for us to start with to help ease you into the session.  You can refer to my lingerie guide for some ideas!

Next, it's time to get pampered! While sipping on your favorite complimentary coffee from a locally owned coffee shop, my amazing female hair and makeup artist will make you feel gorgeous, because you are! Now it's time to begin shooting in my completely private studio. We will shoot in a variety of poses that make you feel sexy, empowered, and confident!

The Grand Finale

What to Expect After Your Session: 

Once your session is complete,  within three business days you will have your virtual image reveal/ordering appointment. You will complete your minimum product purchase payment of $800 the day of your session which will be credited toward your final purchase after your image reveal. 


If you opted for a private image reveal, you will receive your sample gallery within 3 business days of your session and place your order within 48 hours of your gallery delivery.

Ordered products typically take 3-4 weeks to arrive at your home.


Products are additional. Please inquire to learn more about the experience! 


03  studio

East End Loft is a brand new luxury photography studio with an abundance of natural light located on the East End of Pittsburgh. East End Loft features two large industrial windows, black shiplap, white wainscoting and engineered hardwood floors making it the perfect setting for stunning and versatile photographs. This 500 square foot studio is yours for the entire shoot, giving you complete privacy to relax and enjoy the experience.


04  FAQ

  • How much does it cost?
    Your session fee is $450 plus tax which covers the cost of my fabulous HMUA, the studio, styling guide and the luxury experience. In addition, the minimum purchase order amount is $800 plus tax which is due the day of your session. Once you have your image reveal and ordering appointment, depending on your package, you will owe the remaining balance. Packages and products range from $800 to $3,200. I do offer interest free pre-payment plans as an option. Just reach out to inquire!
  • Do you offer a pre-payment plan?
    You bet! You can pay the $800 minimum purchase order in full the day of your session or opt for a prepayment plan. We will determine which package you are interested in then select the schedule that suits you best (3-6 month pre-payment plan options). The prepayment plan enables you to get the products you REALLY want and allows you to enjoy your boudoir session fully without worrying about paying afterwards. If you decide you want to add on a-la-carte options during your image reveal, we can do that too!
  • I am not comfortable in front of the camera. Should I even try boudoir?
    You do not need to know how to pose. That is my job. You don’t need to worry about looking into the camera with seductive eyes, I got you. I promise, you are perfect for boudoir. I will guide you and demonstrate poses.
  • Will you share my images?
    Your comfort level is my biggest priority. That includes you worrying about your images going “public”. I will not share your images in any way unless you give me permission to show them. Rest assured, your gallery is yours to share at your discretion. You will sign a model release form that informs me of your comfort level. I would LOVE to use your images from your session, however, your privacy and comfort level are my ultimate priority. I WILL NOT share any images of you without your consent and I go strictly by what you checked on your model release form. This experience is all about you and you are in complete control of your photographs!
  • I don’t have a model’s body, can you photograph a plus size woman?
    Guess what, Babe…You ARE a model! Every shape, body, size, and color is model worthy! You will feel like one, too. I live to show women how gorgeous and curvy they are. There is no shape that I can’t photograph!
  • Can I bring someone with me to my boudoir session?
    I am all for support and encouragement, and I do allow female companions to be present during your session in the lobby area. Male companions are not allowed, as I believe this experience is entirely about female empowerment. It’s really about you.
  • Should I bring my own lingerie and wardrobe?
    Yes. Not only for sanitary reasons, but your wardrobe should be something you picked out for yourself since you know what you feel the sexiest in! Once booked, I will provide you with a boudoir preparation guide to help give you some ideas of what to wear. The biggest thing is making sure you feel comfortable, or else your discomfort will show in photos. I usually recommend two to three outfits.
  • How much do you "edit out?"
    Your boudoir session is intended to show you exactly how sensual, stunning and timeless you are and not change anything about you in your images. Ishoot with natural light in my naturally lit studio and apply a subtle skin smoothing process for every image. I am an expert with angles and posing bodies to flatter all of your favorite assets. I will not manipulate your body. Many clients ask about editing stretch marks and cellulite. While I believe that your stretch marks are a part of your beautiful journey, I also understand you may choose to have them retouched or removed. My skin smoothing process will minimize the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite while still looking natural. If you wish for more of an airbrush effect, please let me know.
  • I’m not sure how revealing I am comfortable with.
    Expressing yourself is a journey and I will never push you beyond your comfort level. Some women choose very elegant, flirty lingerie, some women like the illusion of nudity (like draped in a sheet and nothing else), and some prefer more to have more coverage. This is your journey, your story and your experience, so you can show or cover as much as you please!
  • Do you provide hair and makeup?
    Yes! I have fabulous female hair and makeup artists who will be there to hype you up and help bring out your sexy confidence!
  • When will I receive my products?
    Depending on your package, you will receive your digital files the same day as your image reveal and purchase. You will receive your ordered products within 3-4 weeks.

05 contact


Ready to feel fabulous?

To begin your booking process, click the inquire button below to complete your questionnaire. 


Want to connect or schedule a phone consult?

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My name is Sara Campos, owner of Pittsburgh Boudoir Loft,

Sara Campos Photography and East End Loft Studio.

I'll be your photographer, BFF and hype girl! As a woman

who grew up in the early 2000s, I feel society brainwashed

so many of us into developing unrealistic body expectations.

and shunned women who wanted to show off their sexy side.

I don't know about you, but I grew up watching America's

Next Top Model and always wanted to look like those models

instead of embracing and loving MYSELF! Now, I learned to

love and appreciate my body through all of the changes it has

made, especially since becoming a Mom of two perfect

little boys. 


I am so proud that in modern day, women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and stories are being recognized, admired, and empowered! We have come such a long way since then and I am beyond proud and excited to help women feel confident, sexy and beautiful. 


My number one goal, besides your comfort during our shoot, is making sure you feel like the stunning Queen that you are. Our bodies are magnificent, and no matter what chapter of life you are in, it's the perfect time to celebrate you! With over 8 years of experience as a professional photographer, I am an expert at posing and making my clients feel at ease. I look forward to bringing out the Goddess in you! 



"Excellent experience as a plus size woman who is now learning to embrace her curves! My photos are stunning and Sara is excellent at hyping you up and producing an excellent final product. Thank you so much and I will be back!"


"I am so grateful for this experience and to have this time in my life captured. My husband was also really grateful for the photos!"


"I look back at these photos and cannot believe how gorgeous they are…From the lighting to the angles. Somehow Sara was even able to capture my personality in these photos!"




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