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My Session Workflow

I have been asked this question many times by other boudoir photographers, " What is your session workflow like to help get your clients to warm up?" I have had a few photographers say it was difficult for them to get their client to warm up during such an intimate shoot and my advice is as follows. Before you read on, please note that my photographs below display my session workflow from start to finish. Pay attention to the lingerie and posing and how it goes from subtle and flirty to more sensual and revealing.

1. I always, always, always communicate with my client before he session. I want us to get to know each other and I especially want he to feel comfortable communicating with me. Communication is the main ingredient in having a successful boudoir session. I want my client to feel comfortable enough to communicate every aspect of the session. Being uncomfortable not only shows in photos with body language and facial expressions, but also makes for a not so hyped up experience. I always schedule a phone consult, communicate via text, have them share ideas, share their lingerie outfits etc...I am basically their BFF during the entire process and truly enjoy sharing the experience with them!

2. I never start a session with implied nudity or with them wearing their most revealing outfit. I start each session with an open shirt, jersey or their least revealing lingerie like a babydoll or bodysuit and we work our way toward more revealing lingerie options later.

3. I typically start with standing poses that are simple and flirty to help my clients get used to the camera and posing in lingerie. By the time they are ready to change into their next lingerie outfit, they are pretty warmed up, hyped up and ready to let loose even more! This is when I see the confidence come out and it is a huge empowerment moment!

4. AVOID ALCOHOL. No, no, no, no.....for real...NO! There are so many ways a session can end badly if alcohol is involved and should never be used to loosen up a client. Take the organic approach and help them learn to loosen up and build confidence on their own, without the use of alcohol. Show them a quick peak of a gorgeous shot you took and watch the tension and nervousness slip away! Plus, some clients get flushed with alcohol or could get sick. I am, however, not against ONE glass of mimosa to add a touch of sophistication and luxury...but that is it!....and I mean it (Stern Mom Voice)

If you are interested in inquiring about a booking with Pittsburgh Boudoir Loft, please visit my website!

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